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Eden J. Fletcher

Serving At: United Methodist Mission in Vietnam

Home Country: United Kingdom, Europe and Eurasia

Fletcher_Eden.jpgThe Rev. Eden Fletcher serves a joint appointment as mission partner of the Methodist Church in Britain and as missionary of The United Methodist Church’s General Board of Global Ministries, assigned as coordinator of education, resource development, and administration of the United Methodist Mission in Southeast Asia. His commission is from both the British Methodist and United Methodist Churches.

The United Methodist Church in Southeast Asia is growing rapidly—with an expanding number of churches, pastors, and members, including many young adults. Scores of churches have become financially self-sufficient and some have their own buildings. A United Methodist Center hosts educational events and provides administrative space. One goal is to significantly increase the number of United Methodist churches by 2020, and plans are underway to train lay evangelists, expand ministries with orphans, and to organize more health ministries. The Southeast Asia Mission was launched in 2002.

Lay leadership is especially strong and active. Eden works with other United Methodist missionaries in providing training opportunities and developing educational resources.
Eden Fletcher was ordained in the Methodist Church in Britain in 1998. He has served as a superintendent of the church in Newcastle upon Tyne area, as chaplain and head of religious studies at Kent College, Canterbury, and as assistant minister at Westminster Central Hall, London. He holds bachelors and master’s degrees from Wesley College, Bristol. He also studied at Cliff College, a Methodist lay-training facility. Eden is originally from Nottingham.

Eden came to know Christ through the Methodist Youth Fellowship of his local church. A strong sense of discipleship emerged from his experience at a Billy Graham crusade in 1984. He felt a call to give his life “wholly and without reserve to Christ.” Initially resisting, he quickly submitted to the insistent call: “I felt God speaking to me, saying ‘I have called you to be a Christian and I have called you to be a minister in my church.’ So began my journey to ordained ministry.”

He places his call to mission service in the context of a private sabbatical trip to Southeast Asia in 2014. “I received an overwhelming sense of the call of God—that it was right there in [this place] that God was calling me to serve. I was mystified as I did not know at that time of any Methodist work in [Southeast Asia].”

Once home, he followed up, getting a positive response to mission service from the British church and also learning about the United Methodist work in Southeast Asia. Mutual interests and needs fell into place. “An amazing plan of God seems to have been revealed as I have sought to be faithful to this wonderful call,” Eden says.

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