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A pastor serving with the Mongolian United Methodist Church in Ulaanbaatar, Rev. Dong Min Seo is a missionary with Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church.

Attending the Methodist Theological Seminary in Seoul, Rev. Seo earned his Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Master of Theology. He was ordained in 2003. Dong Min served in three United Methodist churches in South Korea before accepting his appointment with the Mongolian United Methodist Church in November 2007.

Raised in Korea in a Christian family, Dong Min's faith was challenged when asked by a Buddhist friend why he always went to church on Sunday, and didn't Dong Min think 'he was wasting his time?' Even after entering seminary Dong Min was confused and "doubted God and the work of the Holy Spirit." Dong Min soon realized God was with him, even in times of conflict.

Rev. Seo is married to HyeYun Hong and they are the parents of two young girls.

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