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Serving At: Sierra Leone Annual Conference

Location: Sierra Leone, Africa

Home Country: Sierra Leone, Africa

Beatrice Mamawah GbangaBeatrice Mamawah Gbanga is a missionary with the Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church based in Sierra Leone, West Africa. She is Medical Coordinator for the Sierra Leone Annual Conference and supervises the work of KISSY Hospital and the seven medical clinics supported by the annual conference. Beatrice's responsibilities as coordinator also include supervising work in communities in Sierra Leone.

Ms. Gbanga previously served as a Person In Mission (PIM) in her native country of Sierra Leone as administrator and coordinator of the Sierra Leone Annual Conference's medical program from 1993-1997. She also trained professional nurses from 1985-1993 at the National School of Nursing in Freetown.

Of her return to West Africa as a GBGM missionary, Ms. Gbanga says, "When I was in the USA in 1997, I intended to stay for a month but war broke out in Sierra Leone, which made me stay longer. I tried to update my license to practice as a nurse (in the USA), but things did not go well. Just then, I got a call from the GBGM to apply for mission service. I believe God wanted me to serve him in this way."

She earned the G.C.E. Level in 1967 from the Harford School for Girls in Freetown and an R.N. degree in 1972 from Grantham & Kesteven General Hospital in Grantham, England. She received a masters degree in nursing in 1973 from the Leeds Maternity Hospital in Leeds, England, and a nurse tutor's diploma in 1989 from the Centre for Teachers of Health Sciences in Ibadan, Nigeria. She was certified in Advanced Health Leadership in 1997 by Global Health Action in Atlanta, Georgia.

A member of First United Methodist Church in Riverdale (Atlanta), Georgia, Ms. Gbanga is married to Tamba Samuel Gbanga and together they have five children: Samilia, Agnes, Henrietta, Julliette and Teddy. Her mother, Agnes Nancy Minah, is a member of Bauya Anglican Church in Sierra Leone.

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Supporting Conferences: Detroit Annual Conference, East Ohio Annual Conference, Rio Texas Annual Conference

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