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Global Ministries started working in Cuba in the late 1800s. In 1970 the Methodist Church in Cuba (IMECU) became autonomous. The IMECU currently has 32,000 members distributed in 350 congregations and 600 missions. Global Ministries is supporting the Evangelical Methodist Seminary in Havana and several institutional ministries. The UMVIM movement in Cuba is strong and structured. The priorities of Global Ministries include leadership, church development, and evangelization.

Florida Annual Conference has a formal covenant with the IMECU. Global Ministries also works in Cuba with the Evangelical Seminary of Theology, Matanzas. 

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Projects in Cuba

Aid for the Coordination of Volunteers to Cuba
#982860 - Coordinating and managing the efforts of volunteers who travel to Cuba to work with the church
All-Purpose Camp
#11285N - Constructing a national camp where general assemblies will occur
Associate Bachelor by Part-Time Studies
#3021578 - Providing educational training for students within a semi-residential framework
Christian Center for Family Orientation
#13183A - Training counselors and facilitators to help families live in harmony
Evangelical Methodist Seminary and Scholarships
#3020760 - Offering studies to students, training laity and pastors for ministry, and supporting the seminary
Evangelical Outreach Ministry
#12156A - Developing an evangelical outreach and implementing relevant and contextual liturgy
Leadership Development for Church Women
#13186A - Helping to develop women's abilities to contribute to programs of the Church